MixFix Recover Review: Is Not Having Hangovers Bad?

Today we're going to explore a new supplement called MixFix RECOVER.

It's a hangover remedy that works through several mechanisms: improving liver enzymes, providing essential nutrients, vitamins, and electrolytes, all using a rapid delivery and absorption system in the form of a powder that is mixed with water post drinking.

We at PsychInsider first came by this product through a friend just weeks ago and didn't think much of it until we tried it and saw a dramatic drop in next morning hangover symptoms, most notable being decreases in nausea.

But our interest in MixFix wasn't as consumers looking to avoid hangovers, but as researchers wondering about the impact such a supplement could possibly have.

For hundreds of years, hangovers have been a part of human life...

What, if anything good, could come from a future in which people no longer needed to trudge through those horrific mornings after having a few too many?

It was a question worth looking into...

We wanted to know if MixFix RECOVER would usher in a new era of drinking debauchery.

We wanted to know if the ability to drink without experiencing the negative consequences would create more alcoholics.

It would make sense after all, wouldn't it?

Take away the pain of a decision and that behavior will increase - at least that makes sense on the surface.

But as we began to look more at what drives people to certain behaviors, and whether MixFix would bring America into a binge drinking crisis - we were relieved.

What's comical about the reason MixFix likely won't cause more over-drinking episodes is the fact that this same reason for human behavior is often very frustrating and negative.

Let me explain...

People are poor at planning for future rewards and to avoid future negatives.

A good time in the present is often hard to forgo, even if we know bad times lie ahead...

And this explains the research we found about hangovers:
Hangover intensity doesn't make people wait longer, or drink less, next time they imbibe.

This leads us to believe that, no - MixFix won't cause people to go off the rails with their drinking habits...

It will likely just dampen the self-loathing most experience with hangovers - knowing they did it to themselves, but unable to do anything about it presently that morning.

If anything, the hangover mitigation that MixFix provides will allow for increased work productivity and actually healthier outcomes...

Allowing people to get the work done they need to, get their exercise in, and make better food choices indeed seems like a win-win.

There is currently no evidence that getting rid of hangovers will cause more binge drinking, and, in all actuality, life without hangovers holds promise for improving life satisfaction.


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