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MixFix Recover Review: Is Not Having Hangovers Bad?

Today we're going to explore a new supplement called MixFix RECOVER.

It's a hangover remedy that works through several mechanisms: improving liver enzymes, providing essential nutrients, vitamins, and electrolytes, all using a rapid delivery and absorption system in the form of a powder that is mixed with water post drinking.

We at PsychInsider first came by this product through a friend just weeks ago and didn't think much of it until we tried it and saw a dramatic drop in next morning hangover symptoms, most notable being decreases in nausea.

But our interest in MixFix wasn't as consumers looking to avoid hangovers, but as researchers wondering about the impact such a supplement could possibly have.

For hundreds of years, hangovers have been a part of human life...

What, if anything good, could come from a future in which people no longer needed to trudge through those horrific mornings after having a few too many?

It was a question worth looking into...

We wanted to …