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Spermidine Supplement Experience: Ultra-Spermidine Reviewed

Lately I've been getting more into researching the antiaging literature because I happened upon some of my old notes from Psychology of Aging (one of my favorite grad courses). Sure, that course mainly covered cognition and how society treats us as we age, but it also touched on the biology of aging. We talked telomeres, the hayflick limit, and most relevant to today authophagy . As almost 10 years has passed since I took that course I decided it was time to brush up. Perhaps my wrinkling skin and declining hair count had something to do with it... Regardless of my reasoning, I was determined to test a new autophagy inducing supplement I had heard of called Ultra-Spermidine by LZR Labs. I knew spermidine ingestion could mimic the postives outcomes seen by long fasts (cell turnover etc.) but I am human afterall and not some Tim Ferriss like guru. I can't just not eat for 4 days ever couple months because my wife would probably end up hating it even more that I woul